Artist & Designer


McGuffins Installation


" Everything around us is complex enough to create a vocabulary of enigma. Ordinary objects can create a new language, and they can take us to another dimension, to another world. As a designer, observer and person, I feel it is my responsibility to question society's prejudices and fallacies towards human nature. - our individual qualities- . My work is to trigger individuals to go beyond the usual, safe regularity, to see and explore the rituals of everyday life from another perspective.

I would like us to put ourselves in the realm of the unbalanced, to find space for this liberty of expression and see the true value in it. Behind the veneer of normality every person has a mysterious side that is waiting to suface. Everyone is full of life, passion and madness, visible or suppressed. How often do we mask our actions or reactions because of social rules and the fear of becoming a misfit? I trust we need this craziness! We need these moments of alienation, dreams and explosion to survive within society. I believe design can help to liberate, express and bring about these moments, abandoning its norm of disciplining and shaping behaviour; seeking out the so-called 'fringes of society' such as madness and alienation."

" My design derives meaning from the externalized expression of madness and explores other ways of functioning within daily life. These experimental behaviors express something inefficient, incongruous and dysfunctional. My design research is aimed at creating tools to push the hum-drum reality of daily life towards a more poetic absurdity.

As a medium I am using film, to show the potential of free expression and unexpected use of surroundings. I create MacGuffins as trigger objects or tools to stimulate situations and behaviors. They are catalysts to experiment with the spontaneous touch of madness."

08H00 swimming from Aurelie Hoegy on Vimeo.

2013 | Eindhoven, Graduation project, Installation:

- 14 scenario drawings
- 6 short films (written and directed by Aurelie Hoegy)
- 1 macguffin lamp, 1 kilometer cable, rubber
- 1 macguffin door handle, rubber,
- wood construction