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McGuffin act'

MacGuffin Act'

2012. Series of Neurotic furniture, drawings, models, video

Part 2

The idea is through a moralistic humour to take design the other way around, to show society upside down with mirror objects of human being, to extract and emphasize animalistic part of human and object on a psychological aspect. It is an interrogation around design and its repercussions on social and individual. How give freedom of mind, liberation of yourself, of psyche through object. What kind of object can give you opportunity to go out of yourself, liberate the animalistic part than you are hiding all time. The project is to create some MacGuffin objects, which are a pretext to create a scenario, a pretext to highlight the animalistic part living inside us, neurosis. Those objects are an extension, a tool of the psyche, which gives the possibility to express something than you can’t get out other way. How design can be a tool to show and reveal human condition and also to use it as a tool to control, make manageable neurotic behaviour.

the mac guffin gang last movie quality from Aurelie Hoegy on Vimeo.