Artist & Designer


Toum Ta


2011, Installations, 2 camera obscura - digital and manual -
Materials: screen, wood, foam, silver paper print
Box: 200 x 110 x 100 mm, 210 x 260 x 170 mm,
Silver printing: 65 x 85 mm

How to give back value to the Present Time, making it unique, precious. How to give back potentiality, elasticity to the time. How to print those emotions, feelings,
re-stimulate and retreive it without taking away the magic of that rememberance which our brain is able to keep.

Today, on the Internet, we are losing the present time notion. Therefore, it is very important to reconsider importance of time and its hudge richness influencing everything. Internet time gives all and no possibilities at the same time, it’s a dream, an Aleph (J.L. Borges). We can’t catch anything, everything slips away to the virtual. We live in an immediate, instantaneous time where each moment has the same value. There is a tension of the present time between control and uncontrol, fragility and solidity. Using the principle of the camera obscura as a strong symbol for the Internet and the Aleph, and for its unique way of working, giving back value, uniqueness, freedom, elasticity and potentiality to the time spent. It has an immense value, no one can modify what the camera captures, each image/moment is unique and is only produced once.