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“Aurelie Hoegy tiene el don de embellecer la libertad. En su colección Wild Fibers redescubre la elegancia y las cualidades innatas de las fibras naturales de ratán. (…) Su arte reside precisamente en vincular la versatilidad del material con nuestro dinamismo cuando estamos sentados, convirtiendo el ratán sen la arquitectura del cuerpo en movimiento.”

Maria Isabel Ortega Acero, Room Diseño Magazine

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“Hybrids of seating and sculpture, piece in designer Aurelie Hoegy’s Dancers collection question the functionality of design by “disturbing” its prime model: the chair. Placing form before function, the designer gives “intangible gestures” a physical presence.”

Maria Elena Oberti, FRAME Magazine

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“ There is a primal aspect to most design disciplines. This is perhaps best encapsulated in Aurelie Hoegy’s wild Dancers, which are chairs that merge animals and humans, supple fibres with hard matter, fusing object with performance.”

Lidewij Edelkoort, world’s most famous leading trend forecaster, interview for TL Magazine on The graduate(s) exhibit, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London.

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“ JW: Lastly, do you have any personal favorite works from the exhibition?
LI Edelkoort: (…) the Dancers by Aurelie Hoegy because of their wild expressionism and tactile fibrous beauty – they truly seem to be animated. ”

Lidewij Edelkoort interview for Modern Magazine on The graduate(s) exhibit, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London.


Dancers is part of an exploration into performance of things. Designs enable, designs obstruct, designs frustrate, design please, designs can be moved around, designs adapt to humans. The relationship between an object and the human body is an important ingredient of almost all design. Aurelie Hoegy’s Dancers project was created in close collaboration with professional dancers, resulting in a range of chairs that seem to be intertwined with bodies in a passionate dance.”

Louise Schouwenberg & Hella Jongerius, Beyond the New on the Agency of Things, Die Neue Sammlung, Design Museum, 2017.


 “ Like dancers sketching a path within their space with their bodies’ movements, Aurelie Hoegy‘s Dancers express a choreographic principle. The movements of the body, and of the thoughts, help to express emotions and intentions. Their contortions explore the limits of the gesture, visually capturing the ephemeral. Each moving body leaves an invisible trace in space, and impacts the world’s movement. “

Alexandra Jaffré & Bart Hess, co curators of the exhibition Did you say bizarre?, Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne,The experiences of beauty, 2015